The dashboard is meant to provide you with all of the relevant information and data regarding your business at any given time.

You can click on any metric in the dashboard, which will then open a more detailed report.

Dynamic Data Cards

  • Revenue - the sum of all tax and tax-credit invoices that were produced this month / last month or over the past 30 days. If you do not produce invoices within Arbox, the data will represent your total sales during the given period.

  • Debts - the total amount of outstanding debts owed from active and inactive members

  • Today’s Visits - the number of members registered to classes today / people who have entered your club using their chip

  • About to Expire - the number of members whose memberships are about to expire within the next 14 days, or whose punch cards have fewer than 3 spots left

  • No Shows - the number of members who have not completed one of the following actions within the past 7/14/30 days: registration to classes, check-in or entrance using their chip

Members Overview

  • Active Members - the number of active members at your club

  • Active Memberships and Sessions Punch Cards - the number of members who have active memberships or punch cards, respectively. If a member has more than one membership type (plan or punch card) or alternatively has both an active membership and punch card - they will be represented according to the total number of active memberships they own.

  • The graph represents data over the past 7 months

Leads Overview

  • Distribution of Leads - showcasing the distribution of all leads in the platform according to their status. Click here for a guide to add a new lead status.

  • Leads in Process - the number of leads currently in the sales process

  • Converted This Month - the number of leads converted to members this month

  • In Today’s Classes - the number of leads currently registered to a trial class today

Revenue Overview


This graph presents the distribution of revenue for your club over the past 7 months, including a monthly average.

If you do not produce invoices within Arbox, this graph will present the distribution of sales over the past 7 months.

Today’s Tasks


This section displays tasks with a deadline of today, as well as to which staff member they are assigned.

Click on the “Complete” button to make a task as completed, or click on the “Add New Task” button to add new tasks to the list.

To see which tasks are open, update tasks, or view all tasks that were completed, click on “Tasks” in the sidebar.

Today’s Classes


The list of daily classes displays the name of the coach/trainer, the number of registrants, and the time of the class (clicking on the class will open up the full class details).

You can also look ahead to classes for the next day or two days ahead as well as classes from your club’s other branches.

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