1. Click on Forms & Waivers in the sidebar and then click on the “Digital Forms” tab

  2. Click on the

    in the bottom right corner and select “Create a Digital Form”

  3. Basic details:

  1. Add a name for the form template, something that will denote the contents of the form. Note: You won’t be able to change the name after saving the form

  2. Choose the type of document that this form will be connected to - may be more than one

  3. Note which details must be filled out in the document. You can make them required as necessary

  1. Contents of the form: this is where you add in the text and terms

  2. Add questions by choosing the question type from the dropdown menu (Yes/No, Multiple Choice, etc.) and then click “Add Question” to save it

  1. Mark each question as required so it won’t be skipped

  1. You can also choose “Yes/No - Advanced” as the question type to enable certain actions depending on the answer

  1. For example” if someone answers Yes about near someone with COVID-19 you may restrict them from registering for classes

  1. There is an option to add text before the signature section of the form where you can include certain declarations you’d like people to adhere to

  2. Choose the signature type:

  1. Digital signature

  2. A checkbox next to “I have read and understood”

  1. Click save at the top right corner of the page

  2. Once you save, you will be prompted to create a message template to send out this form as an SMS message

  3. Click yes and add a name for this message template

  4. Type in the contents of the message (you can use dynamic parameters to make it more personal)

  5. Click the checkbox to add a link to your new form and select that form from the dropdown list

  6. Click save and your form and message are complete

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