1. Click on Settings in the sidebar then click on “Auto Tasks”

  2. Click on the

    icon in the bottom right hand corner to create a new automated task

  3. Choose the task type (you can also click there to add new task types)

  4. Choose the action that will trigger the task

  1. If you choose “Membership Renewing” it will enable the option to have a task be created after a membership expires

  1. Choose the time for the task to be created

  1. Immediately - the task will be created once the chosen action occurs

  2. After - the task will be created according to the time frame you choose

  1. Instances where you can choose multiple triggers for an automated task:

  1. Membership renewal + new member creation + conversion of a lead

  2. Creating a lead + changing lead status

Examples of Automated Tasks

  1. Renew membership

  1. This will be created when the time comes to renew a membership, when you create a new member or when a lead is converted to a member

  1. Call a lead

  1. Creating an automated task when a lead is created

  2. To be executed immediately

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