1. In the sidebar, click “Publish Workout”

  2. Find the date for the workout and click the


    in the bottom right hand corner of the page

  3. In the new window, you can define the parameters of the workout

Note: in order to create a workout for a specific date, you must ensure that there is a class with this type of workout scheduled for that date


4.Steps for publishing a workout:

a.The red X allows you to remove part of the workout
b.Add in a title to be able to easily track the workout results in the future
c.Choose the section (warmup, skill, strength, etc.) for this part of the workout
d.Choose the section type (AMRAP, For Time, etc.) for this section
e.Free text - add in any text you’d like to describe the type of exercises, the weight amounts and link. There is no limit for the free text section


5. The workout will appear on the main feed of the member app on the date of the class where the members can then add in their results

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