1. Click on Settings in the sidebar, then click on “Business Settings”

  2. Scroll down to “Preferences” and click on the

    next to “Daily Health Declaration”

  3. Click the button to activate this feature

  4. Copy the link

  5. Close the window and then create a health declaration form[a]

Note regarding the daily health declaration:

  • Any member arriving at your fitness club must fill out the daily health declaration to state that they are not suffering from any COVID-19 symptoms

  • The declaration must be filled out anew every day that the member arrives at the fitness club

  • The link that was created by activating the daily health declaration feature is a fixed link

  • By clicking on the link, the member will be redirected to the form where they can provide a health declaration before they can enter the club

  • Prior to filling out the declaration, the member will be identified via phone number, ID number or email address

  • The link can be copied and added to your website or can be sent to the members through other means (by SMS, email or WhatsApp)

  • A record of each member who fills out the health declaration can be found as follows:

  • By clicking on Schedule in the sidebar, then clicking on the class where the member registered and then clicking on “Registration”

  • In the coach check-in feature

  • In the member’s profile, by clicking on “Personal Details” and then clicking on “Forms”

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