How to create a video online class using zoom?

  1. Create a Zoom account.

  2. Sign-in to your Zoom account.

  3. Download the desktop version. alternatively, browse the website.

  4. Create a new class: press on "Schedule a new meeting". You can watch the video here -

  5. Insert the class name and description.

  6. Set the lesson date and time. The free version allows up to 40 minutes meeting.

    • You can find more information here.

    • If you're interested in adding a series of classes, mark the "recurring meetings" and choose your preferences.

  7. Video Settings

    • Turn on "Host & Participants" and set Audio on "both" of you want to here your trainees during the class.

  8. Additional options

    • Enable join before host

    • Mute participants upon entry

    • Enable waiting room

    • Record the meeting

  9. After you saved, a new pop up will show you the class details.

    • Copy the join URL link.

    • If you want to copy the full class details, press on "copy the invitation".

  10. Go back to the Arbox schedule and link the class. See the full menu.

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