1. Click on Forms & Waivers in the sidebar and then click on the “Digital Forms” tab

  2. Click on


    the in the bottom right corner and select “Create a Digital Form”

  3. Add a name for the form, then in the list below, choose “COVID-19 Daily Medical Waiver” as the form type

  4. Choose which personal information you want to be included in the form

  5. Next, write the content of the form in the “Content” section that will appear before the medical questions

  6. When creating the questions, choose the question type (Yes/No for this type of form) and then click “Add Question”

  7. Type in the text of the question and mark it as “Required”

  8. Go over steps 6-7 as necessary to add additional questions

  9. The Health Ministry may outline specific questions to ask such as the following:

    1. Have you been coughing lately?

    2. Do you have a fever or have you had one in the past week?

    3. Have you been close to someone with COVID-19 in the past two weeks?

  10. Note: make sure to phrase these questions as such that a healthy person will answer “No” to all of them

  11. Add in the text that will appear above the signature section

  12. Choose the signature option (best to choose digital signature)

  13. Click “Save Form” on the right corner of the page

  14. Once you save, you will be prompted to create a message template to send out this form as an SMS message

  15. Click yes and add a name for this message template

  16. Type in the contents of the message (you can use dynamic parameters to make it more personal)

  17. Click the checkbox to add a link to your new form and select that form from the dropdown list

  18. Click save and your form and message are complete

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