1. Copy the link to the daily health form

  1. Click on Settings in the sidebar and then click on “Business Settings”

  2. Scroll down to “Preferences”

  3. Click the

    next to “Daily Medical Statement Status”

  4. Change it from inactive to active

  5. Copy the link of the form listed there

  1. Send the link to active members

  1. Click on Reports, then click on “All Active Members” in the Active Members column

  2. Click on the checkbox to select all of the members in the report

  3. Click on the

    in the bottom corner and then click on “SMS”

  4. Type in the details of the message and add in the link of the form you copied

  5. Click send

Note regarding sending the daily health form:

  • The link will only be sent via SMS

  • Before sending ensure that your SMS balance is sufficient for sending this message out, and if not, purchase a new SMS package before sending

  • The link can be sent through your club’s website manually via email or WhatsApp

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