1. Click on Settings in the sidebar and then under “Business Settings” scroll down to the “Preferences” section

  2. Click on the next to the Recurring Payments line

  3. Choose the document type:

  • When choosing tax invoice receipt - a tax invoice will be produced at the time of the transaction such that the VAT to be paid for the transaction will be paid within the month that the transaction occurred.

  • When choosing deferred receipts - a document called “Deferred Receipt” (which is still just a regular receipt) will be produced at the time of the translation, and additionally, a tax invoice will automatically be produced on the official payment date of the transaction

Choosing the payment date:

  • According to the creation date - the member will be charged on the same date every month as when the recurring payment plan was created. For example: a member who purchased a membership on the 18th of the month - they will be charged on the 18th of every subsequent month.

  • On a specific date each month - the members will be charged on the same date every month. This might require some members to be charged the relative amount remaining in a month before the next payment date. In this case, please turn on the option to allow for relative payment charges.

For example: if you chose to have your payment date on the 1st of every month and a member joins on the 18th, they will be charged the relative amount of the membership used from the 18th until the end of the month, and then charged for the next month on the 1st.

  • Choose whether to allow a member to attend your club when their credit card is declined

  • Choose what action to take when a credit card is declined

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