How to add a Google account

How to add a Google account step-by-step

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You will want to connect a Google account to create a project and reports for a Google Analytics View.

The following steps will explain how to connect a Google account:

1. Select "Accounts" in the top menu

2. Select "+ Add" to add a new account

3. Follow the Google authorization steps

You'll be taken to Google's official authorization page where it's safe to choose and sign-in to your Google account.

This sign-in process is called OAuth and, while it may feel a little weird, it's for your safety. You'll notice that the page is managed by Google (see in the address bar) and you'll be sent back to Arc Analytics after your account has been authorized.

4. Celebrate! πŸŽ‰

Congratulations! You've connected your Google account to Arc Analytics!

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