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How to send Google Analytics Alerts to Slack
How to send Google Analytics Alerts to Slack

Step-by-step guide to set up alerts that notify you when important activity is happening on your site

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It can be tough to realize when your data is telling you to pay attention vs when you should be focusing your energy elsewhere. With Alerts, you can set up custom notifications to ensure you know exactly when and what you should be looking at.

1. Select "Projects" in the top menu

2. Select "Add a report" to the right of your project name

3. In the "Show as" dropdown under "Choose a report" you can select "Alert"

4. Customize your alert with all the options you need

You'll need to select the metric you want to watch, the change that is needed to trigger the alert, the Slack channel where you want your alert sent, and the date range you want to compare against.

5. Make sure your alert looks correct in the preview area then click "Add" to save your Alert

6. Celebrate! πŸŽ‰

Now when something important is happening on your site, you'll be the first to know!

Alerts are a Premium Arc Analytics feature.

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