When an incident occurs, you can select video clips, IoT data, and audit logs to upload into a case as evidence. Each evidence in cases includes a digital watermark so that they can be held up in the court of law as hard evidence.

How to Add/Export Evidence:

To add a Case, you can select the camera(s) that you would like to create evidence from. Evidence can be created and added to a case from both the Arcules Portal from the views page or the Arcules Windows client. Once you have selected the cameras, follow the steps below to create a case with Evidence:


  1. Go to Views Page and select Camera

  2. Select “Playback” mode

  3. Jump to the next sequence by clicking on the backward/forward arrow to navigate to the event date/time.

  4. You can also select the date and time to start on the bottom left.

Select the 3 dots to the bottom right of the timeline and click on 'Export.'

Enter all the information in the 'Export to Cases' pop-up wizard, and click on 'Export.' 

Note: The limitation is up to 60 mins

A  pop-up will display with the option to 'View Case' (which will take you to the Cases page) or 'Ok' to close the dialogue box.

The evidence will be added to the case,

To manage your Cases, click on “Cases” in the left navigation within the portal.

Here you can view, share, and download all of your Cases and Evidence. The left menu gives you an overview of available cases. You can search for cases, sort them, and filter by case owner.

On the right, you can see the contributors to a case, and see evidence items and their status. You can download recorded footage with the download button on the right of each evidence clip. On the top right, you have the options to manage a case (edit, download case audit logs, delete). Changes to the case are saved automatically.

When you download a Case, you will download a zip file with your video clips, a digital signature of clips, and the audit log of the Case. Every evidence footage includes a watermark with the Arcules logo on the top left corner, the camera name, as well as the recording time which is in the UTC Timezone.

Have questions? We're here to help! 👋 Reach out to the Arcules team through the chat icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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