The Settings tab can be accessed by navigating to the gear icon in the left navigation bar. From here, you should see the following tabs selection:

  1. Subscriptions

  2. Verify Domain

  3. SAML Single Sign-On

  4. Legal Compliance

  5. Logs

  6. Download Apps

  7. Network Diagnostics


Your subscription dictates the number of cameras you can add to your site as well as how many analytics you can have. Click on the subscription title under ‘Sub Account’ to view general subscription details/included products.

Customers with multiple sub accounts will see a list of all subscriptions when expanding the sub account view.

Verify Domain

You can verify the domain(s) associated with your organization to manage members with email addresses in those domains to enable Single Sign-On (SSO).

SAML Single Sign-On

Here you can set up SSO for your organization. You can find details on how to set up SSO in this article.

Legal compliance allows your Organization to specify how you would like Arcules to handle sensitive data in different countries, allowing your Organization to scale globally.

To add a new compliance region, simply click on the blue plus sign in the top right corner, and fill in the following form for the region of interest. 

Let's take Costa Rica for example. We can choose to store Biometric Data for as long as our subscription plan allows, but never store Personally Identifiable Information, whereas Medical Data should expire after 30 days maximum. Additionally, Personally Identifiable Information can be used in real-time analytics, whereas Biometric and Medical Data cannot.


Logs allows you to have an audit trail of user activity to protect your Organization. Understand things like: which users have logged in, logged out, streamed live video or playback from different cameras, and so on. This allows you to maintain security within your Organization.

The following screenshot is an example of captured logs:

Download Apps

From this tab, a user can download our Milestone XProtect Plugin or mobile apps for their iPhone or Android.

Network Diagnostics

Here you can ping and traceroute devices on your network for diagnostic purposes., as well as use arpscan to view devices on your subnet. You can also perform a speed test to check the bandwidth that the gateway is measuring on the network.

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