Before you begin, you will need to be assigned Access Control permissions to have access to configuring hardware:

  • Go to the people section of Arcules

  • Select whomever you want to configure and install Access Control

  • Assign the user Access Control Admin roles

  • Note: There are other access control roles that give permission to use a subset of Access Control features. Assign those as needed to users

What you will need to get a door controller up and running:

IMPORTANT: Before you add a Door Controller to Arcules, you will need to use the Axis Controller interface by follow these steps:

  • Do not connect any wires to your controller just yet!

  • Connect the A1601 Door Controller or A1001 Door Controller to your network and be sure it has been assigned an IP address

  • Log in to the Controller configuration interface by entering the IP address of the controller in a web browser E.g.

  • In the Axis Page, select Setup > Hardware Configuration, then follow the steps to configure your doors, readers, and REX settings

  • Once you have saved your settings, navigate to Setup > Hardware PIN Chart. This will illustrate where to connect your wiring

  • Once you have wired the controller, you can use the Hardware Connection Verification utility in the Axis interface to verify your hardware is connected properly

  • At any time you can also use the Event Log in the Axis interface to troubleshoot your hardware installation 

Things to check before adding your controller to Arcules:

  • Make sure that firmware is updated on the door controller to version 1.84.1 or above for A1601 and version 1.65.4 or above for A1001

  • Make sure that hardware configuration wizard on the door controller has been run so that readers and rex buttons are properly configured

  • Make sure that timezone and daylight saving time is properly configured on the controller

  • Make sure that time synchronization to ntp servers or via DHCP has been properly configured on the controller

  • Make sure that the controller has a static local IP address and that the door controller is not accessible from the internet

  • Make sure that RTSP is enabled on the door controller

IMPORTANT additional checks for the A1001:

  • Ensure that the A1001 is set to standalone mode. Using the A1001 in a system of connected controllers is not supported by Arcules.

If the A1001 controller has previously been part of a system of connected door controllers, you must restore the controller configuration. Setting the controller into standalone mode is not enough to completely clean up references to other door controllers. Follow these steps:

  • Remove the A1001 controller from Arcules if it has already been added

  • Backup the hardware configuration (optional, needed to avoid re-doing hardware configuration)
    - On the A1001 controller go to Setup > Hardware Configuration > Export hardware configuration

  • Do a device restore
    - On the A1001 controller go to Setup > Additional Controller Configuration > System Options > Maintenance > Restore
    - Note: This clears all configuration on the controller incl. users, doors, schedules, etc.
    - Note: Use device restore instead of reset to avoid clearing network configuration

  • Set the controller in standalone mode
    - On the A1001 go to Setup > Manage Network Door Controllers in System and activate standalone mode

  • (optional) Import hardware configuration
    - On the A1001 go to Setup > Hardware Configuration > Export hardware configuration > Reset and import hardware configuration

NEXT: Add the Controller in the Arcules web interface

  • Log in to the Arcules web portal, and navigate to Access Control in the left menu:

  • Select Configuration > Hardware and click the + Icon to add a controller.

  • Once you have successfully added the controller, follow the steps to configure your doors by selecting SETTINGS > for each door.

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