Door Configuration comprises of the follow settings:

  • Overview - This gives you information about your controller and allows you to associate a Camera View with a specific door. Simply click +Add Camera View to associate up to 2 camera camera from your system per door.

  • Access Modes - Set the default 24/7 Door Mode, then assign additional Access Modes to any schedules you create. Holidays will ignore schedules and use the default door mode.

  • Unlock Schedule - Assign schedules for when doors are unlocked and Access modes are ignored.

  • Devices - is simply an overview of the online status and devices connected to the door.

Configuring Access Modes

TIP: Before Door Configuration, it is recommended you create the schedules you will use for door modes first

Default Access Mode - All doors have a default 24/7 Mode. Set the default mode for the door.

  • REX Exit - can be configured to either Allow Access during the default schedule, or to ignore the REX action by default during the 24/7 Schedule

  • Reader Entrance - Set the reader to either accept Card Access 

Access Modes - An Access Mode allows you to set what a REX and Reader does at specific times. Configure these by:

  • Select a Schedule.
    TIP: Prior to applying a schedule, you will need to create Schedules prior to this step via the Access Control main menu

  • Choose what the REX does during this schedule (or choose "schedule does not apply" if you want the REX to follow the default setting during this schedule)

  • Choose what method of entry the Reader Accepts (Card Only, Card plus PIN, or PIN Only)

Holidays - Adding a Holiday to a Door, allows you to set days that Access Mode schedules will be ignored, and the default Access Mode will be applied.
TIP: Prior to applying a holiday, you will need to create Holidays prior to this step  via the Access Control main menu

Configuring Unlock Schedules

Unlock Schedules allow you to configure at which times doors will be locked and readers will allow access. These settings are optional and often used for offices or buildings that have public access times. Holidays can be added to an Unlock Schedule to set days where the unlock schedule is ignored.

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