Access Levels are assigned to Users and/or Groups to determine WHEN and WHERE they can access. An Access Level includes:

  • A Schedule for WHEN the Access Level applies

  • Optionally Holidays to Ignore the Access Level

  • Readers that define WHERE (which readers on doors) users have access to

Some examples of ways you can set up Access Levels

  • Full Time Employees main office access - could be an access level for business hours at all main doors at your office for a User Group with Full Time Employees

  • Facilities Staff Access - could be access only on weeknights for cleaning staff to access the main door

  • IT Admin Secure Access - could be access any time to server rooms or storage rooms in your IT Offices

Create Access Levels

  • Go to the Access Levels section of Access Control

  • Click the + icon in the left menu

  • Enter a Name and Description and select a Start Date of when the Access Level becomes active. End Date is optional and will define when this Access Level expires

  • Once created click "+ Schedule" to enter all the schedules that apply to this access level

  • Click "+ Holidays" to add holidays that this Access Level is ignored

  • Click "+ Readers" to choose which Door Readers Users will have access to

Once you have created Access Levels, they can be assigned to individual users or groups.

IMPORTANT: assigning multiple Access Levels is inclusive. This means if a user has two access levels that have different values for the same readers, they will get access to the inclusion of all times as defined in both access levels. For example if one Access Level is morning shift on weekdays, and another Access Level is afternoon shift, they will have access during both morning and afternoon shifts.

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