The Event list in Access Control is a complete list of all events coming from Door Controllers across all locations.

  • You can filter by Event Name, Cardholder or Device Name

  • You can filter by location

  • You can search between specific dates

  • In the More menu, you can also switch between UTC and local device time

  • In the More menu, you can also download the events by selecting download as csv

Who can view the Event List

All Access Control roles have access to view the events list

Event Types and Getting Notified with Rules

If there are specific event types you want to be notified about, you can use the Arcules Rules Engine to get notified about those events.

Rules can be configured for the following event types:

  • Health Status of Controllers (offline, tampering)

  • Door states including Alarms, Door Modes (Locked, Accessed), Door Monitor (Closed, Open, Fault)

  • Door Events (Denied, Duress, Access Granted/Taken/Not Taken, and Tilt Detected)

  • Reader Tampering

To create rules in the Rules Engine:

  • Create a Name/description for your rule

  • Select the sites/location, device type, and the events you want to get notified about

  • Select a Schedule for when you want the rule to run

  • Apply an Action (or multiple) for your rule: Send a Notification, Trigger an Alarm or Manually Record Video

TIP: If you create rules that trigger alarms, and set to manually record video, you can use the Alarms Manager to view events with associated video.

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