To give someone Access to your buildings/facilities, you must first create Access Levels. You can learn more about this here.

You can grant access by assigning Access Levels to either Users or Groups. Here are some tips and differences:

  • For Users - Assigning Access Levels to a single user is very flexible. You can define exactly where/when that person can access. However, if you do this for a larger number of users, if you ever want to add or change access, you will have to go into each user and edit their Access Levels

  • For Groups - Assigning Access Levels to groups allows you to easily manage access for large numbers of users in one place. It's more efficient in managing large teams, but be aware that one change to a group will change access for every user in that group

  • The best of both - It is recommended to user User Groups to manage most users' access, and then add exceptions for a select few individuals at the user level. 

Assigning Access Levels

Assigning Access Levels to Users and Groups is done in the same way. Navigate to the People section of the web portal, and select a user from the list or navigate to Groups in the top-left menu to select a group.

  • In the Access Control section, click the + icon in the Building Access Levels section.

  • You can assign as many access levels as you want to a user or group

Assigning Credentials to Users

Credentials can only be assigned to users (not groups). Credentials can be either Cards or PIN numbers. To assign Credentials to a user:

  • Click the + icon next to Cards and Credentials

  • Enter the dates you want these credentials to be active

  • Enter either Card details or a PIN (depending on what Access Modes you set for your readers).

  • If you want to retrieve a card number from a card you have, simply swipe the card at any reader, then click the SCAN CARD button. This will allow you to select the reader and it will fill out the form with that card's information.

Extended Unlock Time

Extended Unlock Time will give a user/group extra time to pass through a door before a "door held open" event is triggered. You can define the extended unlock time in the global settings of Access Control.

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