Synchronized Playback

Sync Playback

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Synchronized Playback

The Arcules Synchronized Playback feature allows you to synchronize up to four channels at once while viewing recorded video. The feature allows operators to analyze recorded video across multiple channels while conducting an investigation. 

To start an investigation across multiple channels, navigate to the “Views” tab and select a View that contains the cameras you want to do an investigation on. Synchronized Playback can also be accessed from the “All Cameras” list in the “Views” section.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Select Sync Playback at the top of the view or all cameras list

  1. Select the checkbox at the button right of the video player of the channels you want to sync. (up to four channels)

  2. Click OK

Once you have entered Synchronized Playback mode, you can now use the controls on the video player to start your investigation. The recording timeline will start at the current time. 

Use the date/time picker on the left side of the player indicated by the arrow to go to a specific point in time of the recordings.  

Use the +/- buttons on the right side or your mouse scroll to zoom in and out of the timeline. This will allow you to see where footage is for each recording.

You can seek forward or back on your motion sequences indicated by the blue line on the video timeline. 

To choose different cameras you can use the Edit button in the top right.

Once you have found the incident you are looking for, you can click export all in the bottom right to export all video recordings to a case. See the Cases article for more information.

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