The Arcules video motion detection is a video analytic that runs on the ARC2 Gateway to determine when to send video to the cloud for channels that have been set to recording on motion . See the Video Motion Detection article for details on how to set-up VMD rules and notifications.

The video motion detection settings allow you to configure the motion settings for where to detect motion in an image as well as the motion sensitivity for each channel.

The Motion Settings can be accessed from "Setting" on the device details which you can reach through Devices and clicking on your device.

Start by selecting the grid dimensions for the channels field of video. The grid allows you to block out parts of the field of view that you do not want motion to trigger recordings. Selecting the 16x16 grid will allow the most granularity to block out parts of the image, while the 4x4 grid will provide the least amount of granularity. The correct grid dimension will depend on the type of scene (ie. office) and your desired recording schedule.   

To ignore motion in certain parts of the image, simply click in a grid block and drag your mouse over blocks you want to ignore. The red blocks indicate where motion will be ignored. To start over, click the Clear Grid Selection button.

Next, select the object size and sensitivity sliders till you get the motion detection level you are looking for.  We recommend testing these settings before saving them.

The first slider determines the object size of the objects that will trigger a motion event. Small and large objects will vary based on field of view and distance from the lens. 

A green indicator will appear on the colored bar below the object size slider if recording are not triggered based on the motion in the scene and your settings.

Adjust the settings until the green indicator turns red to indicate a recording.

Click Save to save your settings

Note for People/Vehicle in Region: We strongly recommend setting up the Record Video action in addition to your desired action types, as these analytics work separately from Video Motion Detection. Otherwise footage may not be available when these analytics are triggered. For more information check out our Cloud Video Analytics article.

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