The Axis Network I/O Relay Module reacts on inputs, such as signals from a PIR motion detector or switches, to trigger actions. Relay outputs can be activated manually or by a rule within Arcules. Before you begin please note:

You have to be assigned the I/O Relay Operator role to manually trigger an output

What is needed from Axis

  • A Network I/O Relay Module: A9161, A9188


  • Chrome browser

  • Access to Axis I/O Manager webpage

  • Access to the Axis Network I/O Relay Module you intend to use

  • Firmware 1.84.1 or higher

How to Install

Step 1: Configure the inputs and outputs directly in the Axis I/O Manager webpage

See the AXIS A9161 Manual or AXIS A9188 Manual for best practices on set up

Step 2: Add the network I/O relay module in Arcules

Navigate to the Devices page then click the blue plus + button in the upper right hand corner and select Add IoT Device

Fill in the appropriate details and in the manufacturer field select Axis and in the model field select Axis Network I/O Relay Module then click NEXT

Step 3: Enable individual inputs and outputs

Once the device is added, navigate to the SENSORS tab. Then click the toggle to retrieve all available sensors from the device.

Toggle on individual inputs and outputs

To enable actions for an output, click the gear icon and select the desired actions. Then click UPDATE.

Step 4: Monitor I/O Status and Manually Trigger an Output

You can see the status of the inputs/outputs of your relay device and/or manually trigger an output in 1 of 2 ways:

  • From the device STATUS tab

  • From a dashboard

NOTE: You have to be assigned the I/O Relay Operator role to manually trigger an output

You can monitor/initiate an action on your relay device from a dashboard by adding the sensors as widgets.

From your dashboard page click + ADD A WIDGET, scroll down and select I/O Module. Next, select the relay and sensors you want to add onto your dashboard.

Once the widgets are added, you can trigger an action for an output directly from your dashboard.

Step 5: Activate Outputs by a Rule

You can trigger an output as an action in the rules engine. To do this, navigate to the Rules page and click the blue plus + button to add a new rule.

Fill in the details and in the Action section, select Trigger I/O Device. Then select the output.

Optionally, you can add a duration for this trigger by clicking ADD DURATION and setting the desired time interval.

You can learn more about Rules in our Rules Article.

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