Scheduled Upload allows you to create a custom weekly schedule to choose when recordings should be uploaded to the cloud. This is a helpful feature if your site has restricted bandwidth during busy hours.

For example, if your network needs to support a high amount of traffic during office hours, you may choose to only upload recording data after hours or on the weekend.

Note: This feature is only available for gateways that are set to Cloud Storage.


The Arcules product categorizes data into different categories. Scheduled uploads will only affect Video Uploads. Other kinds of data such as Support, various Metadata, Playback and Live viewing are not affected. To manage other kinds of data, see our QoS controls.

Your system will continue to operate as normal, if needed data will be retrieved on demand from the edge.

Warning: By creating an upload schedule for your gateway you are reducing the devices ability to upload data. Please validate that your data is able to keep up with pushing to the cloud.

How To

To change your gateway’s or cameras’ upload schedules, go to the Devices page and click on the device that you would like to configure, and a drawer will open on the right side.

Note: You can create an upload schedule for your gateway, which applies the selected upload schedule to all connected cameras. In addition to this, you can also create custom upload schedules for each camera, which will override the gateway’s selected schedule.

Select the Storage tab and click on Schedule. A new dialog will open, where you will be able to create a custom schedule and tailor it to your needs.

You can edit the camera’s weekly upload schedule on an hourly basis. Green boxes (Unlimited) mean that during these times, video upload will not be restricted. Red boxes (Disabled) on the other hand mean that video will not be uploaded to the cloud during the selected times.

Once you created a schedule that fits your needs, click on Save to capture your changes. You can create multiple presets by selecting the preset drop-down in the top left, and can switch between them seamlessly. You can use saved presets for other cameras, or create additional custom schedules for different cameras.

Monitoring Usage

It is important to monitor how much delay has built up since limiting your bandwidth usage. You can see how much delay has built up under the "Video Upload Delay" section.

During limited bandwidth periods, the delay should increase. Then, during periods where there are no limitations, the delay should decrease.

In the sample schedule below,

  • Everyday between 8AM and 5PM, the delay will start to increase since uploads have been turned off.

  • Everyday starting at 5pm until 8AM the next morning, video upload is enabled and the upload delay should start to decrease

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