This feature enables you to constrain your bandwidth usage by setting limits for data upload based on a weekly schedule. It can be used if your Gateway is configured for Edge or Cloud.


The Arcules product categorizes and prioritizes data as listed below:

  1. Support (Highest Priority)

  2. Meta-Data, IoT and Playback

  3. Live Viewing

  4. Video Uploads and other housekeeping data (Lowest Priority)

The bandwidth management service will control traffic based upon the priority assigned above, within the limits that you define within your schedule. All Traffic from the gateway/appliance to external IP ranges is limited once enabled.

QoS also applies to live streams which means that cloud analytics would potentially be affected (in the same way as if using a stream from a gateway with slow internet). Unstable live streams could cause periods of time where cloud analytics would not be generated.

Warning: By enabling QoS you may be in conflict with other settings within the system such as Scheduled Uploads and network testing from the gateway. Please ensure that you review your Video Upload Delay regularly to ensure no data loss.

How To

To set up Quality of Service, navigate to the Devices page and select the gateway for which you want to set this feature up.

Select the Bandwidth tab and toggle Custom Bandwidth Schedule on and edit the schedule. If a schedule is not set up the Custom Bandwidth will be toggled off.

Click Manage Schedule

You can edit the device's bandwidth usage schedule on an hourly basis. Green boxes (unlimited) means that during this times, the device will not have any bandwidth limitations. Blue boxes (Limit A) and red boxes (Limit B) will use the bandwidth limits specified in Mbit/s.

Once you created a schedule that fits your needs, click on Save to capture your changes.

Monitoring Usage

It is important to monitor how much delay has built up since limiting your bandwidth usage. You can see how much delay has built up under the "Video Upload Delay" section.

During limited bandwidth periods, the delay should increase. Then, during periods where there are no limitations, the delay should decrease.

In the sample schedule below,

  • On weekdays between 8AM and 5PM, the delay will start to increase since bandwidth has been limited to be use only 1Mbps.

  • On weekends, the delay may still build up but at a slower pace because the limits aren't as low.

  • Everyday starting at 5pm, bandwidth limitations will be removed and will upload normally. The upload delay should start to decrease

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