Local Live Viewing reduces bandwidth usage while providing web portal users a lower latency experience of viewing live video when the computer is on the same network as the Gateway. No set up is required from the user; the web portal will automatically use local live viewing if a local path is detected. A banner in the upper right of the frame will serve as a visual indicator.


  • Technology used is WebRTC

  • Will fall back to cloud live viewing if local live is not possible. (Cloud Live Viewing is what we have today)

  • No additional streams will be requested from the cameras

  • This feature does not work on recorded video

  • This feature requires that the Gateway has an internet connection for credential exchange

Technical Details

In order to be able to support local live streaming, your network will need to allow UDP traffic to and from the gateway to the local client on the following ports: 20000 - 24999.

Additionally both the clients and gateways will need access to UDP traffic to * over port 443.

Local Live Indicator

Note: This feature is currently rolling out in limited releases, if you need to enable it for your organization, please contact

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