Arcules has implemented a new enhancement in response to issues our customers have had regarding door controllers configured with an incorrect clock setting. This results in access control events that are time stamped improperly to be synced to the Arcules cloud for display on the portal. This feature has two parts:

  1. Prevent new door controllers from being brought online if their time setting is off by 10 minutes or more, and

  2. Warn users about existing door controllers that are outside this range already, without bringing them offline.

Existing Door Controllers

There are a few door controllers today that have been detected as misconfigured. While this is not catastrophic to the operation of a door controller or the events recorded and viewed by the system, this feature allows the user to discover and correct the scenario. Any out-of-sync access control systems will display with warning icons in the Arcules portal as below. The controller is still fully operational, but will show a warning icon on the listing and a detailed message on the page:

New Door Controllers

If a user is attempting to add a new door controller which is misconfigured this way, the following screen will be displayed during the access control Add Controller wizard:

Correcting the door controller sync

The screen will remain in this step until either the operation is aborted with the Delete action or the user enters the door controller to set the clock appropriately via direct access:

Navigating to the below page to sync the date and time appropriately. Select “Synchronize with NTP” to prevent any clock drift or incorrect manual entry.

After updating the time on the door controller, the setup of the Access Control will resume and complete automatically. For existing door controllers, the warning icon and message will also disappear shortly after setting the time correctly.

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