Ardex has a number of procedures relevant to the early stages of pregnancy.

Positive scans in Ardex can determine future scan dates, and ultimately provide a projected Due Date for the foal.

When a pregnancy progresses with all scans positive, Ardex will recognise the Mare as being In Foal.

All scan results for a mare will be recorded in Service Details for that horse. You can also review historical Breeding History for a mare.

From the Main Ardex screen;

  • Click Horses

  • Search for the Mare by name

  • Click Service Details

Here you will see scan results and a projected foaling date. Previous breeding season scans results are displayed chronologically.

  • Or, click Breeding History

This will display results of previous pregnancies, as well as the mares current status. In the event of a foal being born, a brief description of the foal is displayed, along with Comments and Foaling Notes.

For more information on breeding-related procedures, refer to the Ardex Premier User Guide - Horse Breeding with Ardex.

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