The Mare Served procedure allows for entry of a date and time of service (mating).

Important: The mare must be booked to a stallion for the current breeding season before the Mare Served procedure can be recorded.

The following information can be entered when recording the Mare Served procedure;

  1. Date *

  2. Mare name *

  3. Select the Mare Served procedure* (name may differ in your Ardex)

  4. Time of day when the mare was served *

  5. Record a third-party involved with the process

  6. Enter a Worksheet message

  7. The number of days (range) where advice will appear on a Worksheet (to schedule the next scan)

  8. Click Add to commit the procedure

There are also Message and Comments fields to record information about the mare, or anything related to the procedure.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields. The Charged By field will only appear if you use Ardex to run multiple business entities.

No other information is required, although it is common to set a worksheet reminder that a pregnancy scan will need to be done after a certain number of days.

Recording the Mare Served procedure creates a Service Details entry and a Breeding History entry on the horse record for the mare.

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