In Ardex a Mare must be booked to a Stallion for service. In most cases the owner/s of Mares will enter into a Contract with the person or business providing the Stallion Service.

The first step to horse breeding in Ardex is to record Bookings of mares to stallions for service.

To achieve this;

  • Click Main

  • Select Bookings

  • Enter the name of a Stallion in the Booked To field

Ardex will display any Mares that have been booked to the stallion for the current season in the lower portion of the screen.

The Bookings screen has a number of fields, however only the Mare name and booking Type are required to add a booking.

Note: All horses in the Bookings screen must be in your Horses database. For accuracy Ardex strongly recommends all horses entered are verified with the Australian Stud Book using the F5 lookup.

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