On occasion you will receive supplier invoices which relate to goods or services provided to a particular horse. When this occurs, you may want the expense to be recorded against the horse, so the horse owners can pick up the cost.

You will also want an Account Payable record created against the supplier.

To on-charge a cost to a horse owners;

  • Enter the supplier invoice details as normal

  • Click Add: Transaction. A data entry row will appear

  • Enter the horse name

  • Enter the Type of Service performed

  • Enter an Amount 

  • Enter a Description

Tip: You may allocate a supplier invoice across a number of horses (and/or owners) by adding more transaction lines.

In the example below, a cost services is $500 which will be split between two horses. Note;

  1. Total cost of the expense

  2. Allocating the cost to horses/owners

  3. Confirmation that the Total amount and Allocated amount match

The total allocated to horses and owners must always be the same as, or less than, the total supplier invoice amount.

For more information regarding allocating expenses, see the Ardex Premier User Guide - Accounts Payable in Ardex (Horse Related Expenses, pg. 6)

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