You may wish to inspect a previous payment to review some specifics, such as Account Codes used, owners attributed and more.

Note that until an Expense has been paid, you have the ability to make changes by double-clicking the expense, which will populate the top section of the Expenses screen.

However once paid, you will no longer have the ability to make changes to an Expense. Attempts to edit Expenses that have been paid will bring up the following dialogue;

You can however view the details of a previous payment, by using the Display button. Follow these steps to Display a previous payment;

  • Set the date to match when the Expense was scheduled

  • Locate the Expense in the lower portion of the window

  • Single-click to highlight that expense

  • Click Display on the right

When Display is clicked, the top of the screen is re-populated with the Expense specifics, however they fields are greyed-out and are not editable.

For more information see the Ardex Premier User Guide - Accounts Payable in Ardex.

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