This guide will explain how to pay your suppliers quickly and easily in Ardex.

To make a payment to a Supplier in Ardex;

  • Click Finance from the main navigation

  • Click Payments

The following is required to make a payment;

  • Date: The date you paid the supplier

  • Bank: The account from which you will make the payment

  • Supplier: The supplier of the product/service

  • Type: Payment types include EFT, BPay, Debit or credit card (Visa or Mastercard), Cheque or Cash

  • Db. Code: Defaults to “Trade Creditors”. Only change this to “Creditors Loan Account” if you have no unpaid supplier invoice to apply the payment against.

  • Amount: The amount paid to the supplier

  • Tax: The Tax code defaults to “Non” and in almost all cases this will be correct. Remember that GST was already recorded on the supplier invoice

  • Comment: Reason for payment, for example payment of phone bill due

  • Applied: Click in the “Applied” column next to any supplier invoices that the payment relates to.

The following payment types are supported in Ardex;

  • Credit card: AMEX, Mastercard, VISA, Diners

  • Cash

  • Cheque

  • EFT

Important: GST paid to a supplier should only be recorded in your accounting system once.

GST is recorded when entering a supplier invoice, so do not record GST a second time (when paying a supplier). Leave Tax Code in Payments as Non (unless otherwise advised by your accountant).

For more information, consult the Ardex User Guide Accounts Payable in Ardex - Paying a Supplier (Pg. 12)

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