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Accounts Payable Reporting
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Ardex boasts an array of reporting options, and as long as your account keeping is up to date, the built-in Accounts Payable reports will keep you on top of your creditors and debtors.

A commonly used Accounts Payable report is the SuppliersNon Zero Balances report.

  1. Click Main - People & Firms

  2. Change View By: to Suppliers - Non Zero Balances

This general report displays;

  • Customers

  • Sortable columns for 30-, 60- and 90-day balances

  • Current, Total and Loan balances.

To see a list of transactions from a specific supplier;

  • Click the Supplier name

  • Click Enquiry on the right.

You can quickly review all invoices for that Supplier by selecting Show All Activity, or a selection of invoices by using the date range fields. Tip: Click Refresh after changing/selecting a date range.

Double-clicking any supplier name will open the supplier information window.

  • Click Expenses in the left of the supplier window to see a list of all invoices received and entered for that supplier, including Amounts Paid, GST, Account allocation and Supplier invoice numbers (X-Ref).

All reports screens in Ardex have the option to Export to Excel and Print.

Other Accounts Payable reports are available by selecting Reporting from the main navigation, and then click Reports at the top of the menu.

Scroll down to Financial Reports - Creditor Financials. The Creditors Balances report shows similar data to the above. This file can be e-mailed, or saved as a PDF or Excel file, however you cannot 'drill-down' to supplier invoices from this report.

For more information refer to the user guide Accounts Payable in Ardex - Accounts Payable Reporting (pg. 9)

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