• Specify the Date the payments were processed

  • Select the bank account from which funds were paid

Transactions for the selected date will appear in the lower half of the screen.

  • Click Cheques & Remittances to bring up the Print Cheques window. Here you can review payment and remittance types, and communication preferences with your payees.

  • Use the Skip.. box to withhold payment for multiple payees by payment type, or you can Skip some payments selectively by placing a tick in the final column.

  • Tick Show expense details on remittance to provide the payee with greater detail on the remittance advice, including the invoice/s being paid and amounts.

  • Set Remit. Type to e-mail to indicate that you wish to send the remittance advice via PDF to the supplier. The alternative is to Print a physical copy and send.

Click Process to produce remittance and print cheques.

If you are printing cheques ensure your cheque forms are correctly loaded in your printer before proceeding.

If you would like your cheque printing or remittance format customised, please contact Ardex Support for forms customisation help.

For more information, refer to the Accounts Payable Management User Guide - Printing Cheques & Remittances (pg 15).

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