If you have multiple supplier payments due, you can streamline the Accounts Payable process by scheduling a bulk payment.

Bulk payments can be made by either EFT or Cheque.

  • Click on Finance - Bulk Payments

  • Using Preview Options you can select to view payments by days elapsed since the invoice date, including specifying Overdue accounts

  • Select a Bank account to pay from

  • In the Batch field, select New or Existing

  • Click Preview to display a list of supplier invoices

  • Place a tick in the Include column beside invoices you wish to pay, or

  • Tick the box in the column header to Select All invoices

  • In the Type column, select the payment method (EFT or Cheque)

  • Update the Cheque start at box with your next cheque number. Cheques drawn during this process will be incrementally sequenced from this number

  • Click Process to commence payments


  • It is important to make sure that you have up to date banking details entered for suppliers you are paying by EFT. Suppliers with payment details missing will appear in the Exceptions window.

  • A shortcut to fix/change the payment details for a supplier is to click the EFT Details button to the right. This will open the payment preferences for the highlighted supplier

  • As payment types are selected for suppliers, a Total EFT and Total Cheques amount can be viewed at the bottom of the Bulk Payments window

  • The payment type for each supplier will default to the method used for the previous payment

Tip: Payment issues are displayed at the top of the screen.

Below is an example where No default payment type specified means you are required to enter payment details in the supplier record (People & Firms).

You will now be able to generate remittance advice, printed cheques and EFT export files for the suppliers paid

For more information refer to User Guide Accounts Payable in Ardex - Bulk Supplier Payments (Pg. 13)

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