This guide will outlines the ways in which customer credits and discounts are performed in Ardex. This function can be used to provide Credits or Debits for Suppliers or Clients.

Navigate to Finance - Adjustments

To facilitate an Adjustment, enter the following;

  • Under Create a new Adjustment, select whether you will be recording a Client Debit/Credit, or a Supplier Debit/Credit

  • Date: The date the credit/debit is issued

  • Client / Supplier: Who you will be crediting. Depending on the Client/Supplier option selected above, the Supplier or Client fields become active/inactive

  • Amount: The amount to credit including GST (Tip: When you are refunding/crediting an invoice, click in the Click in the Applied column and it will auto-populate the bill amount)

  • Reason: Enter a reason for issuing a credit. This will be visible to the client

  • Cr. Code: Ideally you want to select the same account the expense was charged to. This will help reconcile the adjustment at Month End

  • Tax: Be sure to use the same tax code from the invoice (most likely GST)

  • Applied: If there is an invoice listed, click in the Applied column to match the value from the supplier invoice(s)

  • Db. Code: Defaults to Trade Creditors. If there are no unpaid supplier invoice to apply the credit against, you should change this to the Creditors Loan Account

Click Add and the supplier credit will be applied against the supplier invoice selected, or the supplier/clients Creditors Loan Account.

Important Note: In most cases you will need to ensure the Tax: field is set to GST, as you likely collected GST when you initially billed the client.

For more information refer to User Guide
Accounts Payable in Ardex - Refunds and Discounts (Pg. 7)

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