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How do I allocate a horse related expense?
How do I allocate a horse related expense?
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Horse-related costs such as race nominations, veterinary expenses and more can be allocated directly to the horse, which Ardex then forwards to the owner/s for payment.

These costs will appear on the owners statement.

To add an expense to a specific horse/s, create or enter a Supplier invoice/s as normal and then click Add ... Transaction.

A row will appear, where you can enter;

  • A specific horse

  • Service performed

  • Cost

  • Description of service/work performed

The invoice will be attributed to the horse, so the costs can be recovered from the specific horse owner/s.

By adding a new line per horse (additional clicks of Add ... Transaction), costs will be further split among the horses (and their owner/s).

You do not need to enter anything in the Share column. The cost/s will be distributed among owners according to their share/ownership of a particular horse.

In the example below, a single $2255.00 expense (Nomination fees) on 21/11/2018 for Racing Victoria was applied to a number of horses. The owners of these horses will receive a portion of that total bill amount based on their ownership of the nominated racehorses.

The Allocated column in the summary indicates how much of an expense has been attributed to the owners.

For more information, refer to the Accounts Payable Management User Guide - Horse Related Expenses (pg 6).

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