With suppliers entered into Ardex, you can now enter invoices and expenses received.

There are two types of expenses that can be entered into Ardex

  • General: Expenses that affect the property and running of the business

  • Horse: Expenses that can be attributed a particular horse that can be passed onto the Horse owner(s)

Select Finance from the main navigation and click Expenses. To record an expense, enter the following information;

  • Date: The date of the incoming invoice

  • Supplier: The name/business of the supplier

  • Account Code: The 'cost-centre' to charge the expense against. Tip: For easier searching, the Account Name and I/D columns in this menu are sortable by clicking the column header

  • Description: A brief description of the supplied product or service

  • Amount: Amount on the supplier invoice including GST

  • Tax: Most invoices received will include GST. You can change to other tax options, including Tax Free (if applicable)

  • X-Ref Number: The supplier invoice number or other reference

For more information, refer to the Accounts Payable Management User Guide - Entering Supplier Invoices (pg 5).

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