Log in to Ardex and select Main at the bottom left then select People & Firms.

Tip: Select View By and choose Suppliers. Now any newly created Suppliers will automatically be set to the Supplier role by default. A supplier can be a person or a company.

  • Click New in the top-right

  • Enter the details of your new supplier, including Company name, ABN, Business Address, Phone, Fax, E-mail contacts and more.

  • Select a default Display Name. This can be the Company name, or a person sorted as First, Last or Last, First.

  • To add a phone contact, click Add ... a new number. Select the Description and enter the phone number. If entering more than one phone contact, click the P button to nominate a preferred contact number.

The Debtor Number is generated by Ardex, and each supplier will be assigned a unique number.

To e-mail remittance advice, enter an e-mail address and change the option in Send Communications By: to Email.

It is a good idea to enter the supplier ABN/ACN, and select the option at the bottom if the supplier is registered for GST.

When you have entered all details, click Add at the bottom left. If you edit this record in the future, click Update to save these changes.

With the new supplier now in Ardex, other options have become available on the left side of the supplier window. For any supplier that you intend to make EFT payments to, it is very important to complete Bank Details.

For more information, refer to the Accounts Payable Management User Guide - Setting Up Suppliers (pg 2).

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