At the end of each month, before performing the month end process and issuing statements to horse owners, it is essential that the Group Add function is used to charge agistment and training to horses in your care, in accordance with location status.
Note: Before recording group add agistment and training transactions, make sure all horse location status changes for the month have been recorded.

  • The Group Add function is used to charge agistment and training to horses in your care, normally on the basis of a daily charge rate.

  • Make sure all horse location status updates have been made before opening the
    Group Add function.

  • Go to Finance > Group Add to open the group add window. Select a Service Code (normally Agistment or Training) and check other settings.

  • Make sure all relevant location statuses are ticked on the right. Any horse assigned to a location status which is not ticked will not be charged.

  • Check that the date range is correct then click Preview to create a list of agistment and training charges for the month.

  • Tick the Skip box next to any horse you do not wish to charge, then click Generate Transactions to record the transactions against the horses listed.

  • You can view and remove group add batches using the Batch History button if you make an error.

There are a number of options and settings in the group add screen. Normally a business will set-up the group add function very carefully the first time they use it, then tick “Save these defaults” so that going forwards nothing needs changing, and group add transactions can be recorded quickly and easily.

The more familiar you become with the group add feature, the more you will come to appreciate its power and versatility. Charging agistment and training to horses via the group add function will soon become straightforward and fast, especially with the Save Defaults option activated. Always update all horse location statuses before recording group add transactions, and always record all group add transactions before beginning your month end billing process.

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