It is likely that sooner or later you will need to go to Settings > Options > User Info and make some changes, or at least check that the details listed are correct. 

Letterhead Information

The information listed here will appear on a number of reports and forms produced in Ardex, and needs to be correct and up-to-date.

Pre-printed Stationary

You may request customisation of the letterhead section of owner statements produced in Ardex (for example add your business logo image). 

If you tick the ‘Pre-printed stationary’ box this letterhead section of owner statements will be hidden, and it is assumed you will print statements to letterhead paper instead.

Generally, for most Ardex clients, the box should not be ticked.

ASB User-ID Information

We strongly recommend that all Ardex clients create an Australian Stud Book account and enter User ID and Password information provided to this screen. 

This enables the F5 horse lookup function, so that new horses entered to your database via Main > Horses can be verified against the ASB database, and all relevant branding, microchip and pedigree information downloaded automatically.

Email Setup

All details in the Email Setup section of the User Info screen need to be correct for owner communications and e-mail owner statements functions in Ardex to work correctly.

First make sure that the Email Name and Email fields are complete. Information in these boxes can vary from one computer to another (not uniform across all users in business). 

  • Email Name will normally be the name of the business. 

  • The Email address box should contain the desired reply address for communications sent.

Always click the Test Email button and send a test message to yourself after making any change, to confirm that everything is working properly.

If you are not sure what to enter to the Mail Server and Port Number boxes, open User Info on another computer in your office and copy all relevant details across to your computer.

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