If you go to Main > People & Firms you can double click any owner listed and click the Notes Tab at left in the owners info screen to add notes and view notes for the client. The note type, date, subject and details fields have always been there.

Once the Notes Register feature is activated, new fields will appear: Horse and Follow Up. Completion of these fields is optional, entering a follow up date for the note will create a reminder in future for the selected owner. 

Where an owner has shares in a number of horses, selecting a Horse will indicate that the note relates to one specific horse owned. Or you can select the name of a horse the owner does not have shares in yet, but is interested in purchasing (or making a booking to).

To add a note select a note Type and Date (defaults to today), then enter a Subject and enter note text into the Details box, then click Add at bottom left. Adding a follow up date and horse name are optional, ticking the Alert box under the note details is not required (changes note format only).

As notes are entered to the client they will display in the lower part of the screen. Click the + to the left of any note subject line to view the note text. You may right click note text on screen and select Delete Note, Modify Note or Print Note. Notes with a follow up date set will display in blue text instead of black.


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