• Access the Notes Register via Main > Notes Register (database upgrade may be needed)

  • Switch Date and View By options at top left to display notes in lower part of screen

  • Tick ‘Show only my notes’ to display only notes and follow ups created by you

  • Select a person (client or supplier) and enter note details (as a minimum) then click Add

  • You can also add a subject, link a horse, add a follow up date, and add note attachments

  • Double click a note to update it, or right click to delete (or go to the person record)

  • Modify the from and to dates in the follow ups section to expand follow ups displayed

  • Double click a note or follow up and tick ‘Completed’ then ‘Update’ when task is finished

  • Notes can also be entered or viewed from the person screen (Main > People & Firms)

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