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Paying Suppliers by EFT
Paying Suppliers by EFT
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Ardex Premier allows you to create batch supplier EFT payments and import them to internet banking. This feature can make the accounts payable process much less time consuming, you can avoid problems associated with lost cheques, and bank reconciliations are simplified since one bank transaction will cover many supplier payments.

Supplier EFT payments are created through the same screen as printing cheques and remittances. Select Finance then “Payments”, enter the date the payments were recorded, select the bank account the funds were paid from and click the Cheques & Remittances button. Note that this process assumes you have already recorded the supplier EFT payments that will be processed.

You will note that at the bottom of the Cheques & Remittances window you can click “EFT File Location” to set the destination for the EFT file export. Please ensure that those suppliers you are paying by EFT have correct Bank Details recorded in the supplier information window. Tick any transaction you do not wish to pay by EFT (Skip) then click “Create EFT File”.

You may now also e-mail or print remittance advices to the suppliers being paid. If you view the EFT file export location the file created will have one of the following file extensions:

  • .EFT (eg TT130888.eft) > This file extension means your Ardex datafile has not been set-up for EFT exports. Please obtain from your bank a 6 digit user verification number then contact Ardex support and request that you be set-up for exporting supplier EFT payments.

  • .ABA (eg TT130888.aba) > This file extension signifies that your Ardex datafile is set-up for EFT exports. You may now open internet banking and import the .aba file, then approve and process your supplier payments in internet banking.

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