Step 1: Under the "Sharing" heading go to "Request Data"

Note: If you cannot see the "Sharing" tab, please contact Ardex Support to have your account set up for data sharing requests.

Step 2: Select the type of Data you wish to request.

· Statement Import – This will allow you to import statements from the provider’s side.

· Treatment Access – This is a new feature which allows you to view treatments on your horses by the provider.

· Horse News – This will allow you to access news published by the selected provider.

Step 3: Enter in an account number and keyword. Ensure they are both a match pair, otherwise they will fail to match details held by the data sharing provider.

Account no: The number you see in your statements from the requested party.
Keyword: The keyword you see in your statements from the requested party.

Step 4: Select from the drop-down menu the business that you wish to request data from.

Step 5: Click "Request Access" to send through the request to the provider. A green success message should pop up.

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