Learners can now receive course content via email. It is important to whitelist our sending domain to ensure that no course content is sent to your Spam Folder.

Here are the steps to whitelist the Arist Sending Domain (reply@mg.arist.co) in Gmail.


First, go to your Gmail inbox and click the Cog Icon in the top right, then click "See all Settings":

From here click "Filters and Blocked Addresses" then click "Create a New Filter":

A pop-up will appear where you can set the rules for your filter. Add our sending domain to the From field: reply@mg.arist.co. Then click "Create Filter":

Next you'll see a list of options for how your filter will handle messages from reply@mg.arist.co. The only setting you need to check is "Never Send to Spam" then click "Create Filter" again.

Your new filter will appear in your filters list and you're done! That is all you need to ensure delivery of your Arist course content via email.

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