I signed up for a course but I didn’t receive my activation message. What do I do?

If you signed up for a course and didn’t receive your activation message within 30 minutes of signing up, be sure you entered your number correctly.

Try to enroll in the course again and enter your phone number with correct country code. If you receive a message saying you’ve already been enrolled then your carrier may be blocking the activation message.

If you get a message saying you were successfully enrolled it is likely that the previous number you entered was incorrect. You’re latest enrollment should trigger an activation message within 30 minutes.

I still haven’t received my first lesson. What do I do?

If you signed-up for a course, received your activation message but have not received your first lesson within 1 hour of your expected delivery time then there are a few things to check:

  • Check the course description to see what times the course is set to deliver on. If you selected a time outside of the course’s designated time window, you will receive your first lesson at the next closest time within the time window of the course.

  • Your phone may have lost service. Try powering your phone on and off to see if this triggers your first lesson to deliver.

  • Sometimes Carriers block message based on a number of factors, most related to content. If you suspect this to be the case, notify the Company or Individual that offered the course.

  • Text back STOP to pause your enrollment. And then text back START to restart your enrollment, this should trigger the next message to send with 1 hour.

Who can I contact for help?

If you're still having issues with your course you can contact the course provider or support@arist.co

Be sure to include in your message the following information:

  • Name

  • Phone Number, WhatsApp Number, or Email (used for Enrollment)

  • Course Name

  • link to the course (if available)

  • Preferred Delivery time

  • Description of the issue

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