Q: Where can I complete a corporation filing?
A: Please go to https://www.ark.org/sos/corpfilings/index.php and select the type of corporation filing you would like to file. You can file and pay for your filing online. 

Q: How can I sign up to complete online UCC filings and searches?
A: To complete online UCC filings and searches you need to first sign up for an INA subscription account at www.ark.org/subscribe/index.php.
After completing the sign up a user name will be issued by INA.

Q: Where do I go to complete or search for a UCC filing?
A: Please go to www.ark.org/sos/ucc/index.php 

Q: I cannot log into my online UCC account. What do I do?
A: Please go to the online UCC page at https://www.ark.org/sos/ucc/index.php and select the  forgot password link. If after resetting our password you still cannot login please chat with one of our representatives or log a ticket at www.ar.gov/help for assistance.

Q: Where do I go to pay the franchise tax for my company online?
A: Please go to: https://www.ark.org/sos/franchise/index.php.

Q: How can I find the filing number for my company?
A: Please go to https://www.sos.arkansas.gov/corps/search_all.php and look up the company by name. Your filing number will be listed with your company information. 

Q: Do I have to have an INA subscription account to pay my company's franchise tax online?
A: An INA subscription account is not necessary to file and pay your company's franchise tax online. You may go to https://www.ark.org/sos/franchise/index.php to complete the filing and pay for it. If you would like to file franchise taxes for multiple businesses, you will need an INA subscription to do batch filings.

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