To create the following contact form, follow the steps below:

1. Follow the steps in Form Element article to add a form to your page.

2. Configure the settings like shown below:

Settings > Label - Disabled
Row Spacing - 0
Column Spacing- 0
Field Border Type - Solid
Field Border Width - 2px
Field Typography Transform - Uppercase
Button Background Color - Transparent
Button Typography Transform - Uppercase

3. Configure the rest of settings as you desire and publish or update the page.

By default there is reCaptcha option if you want to add captcha to your contact form.
At first you need add Site Key and Secret Key in Elementor > Settings > Raven:

Then edit your page and configure Form element settings:

1. Add a new item.

2. Select reCAPTCHA in Type field and configure the styling.

3. Update the page.

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