You can upgrade to a one-year membership at any time. The system will prorate your membership based on what you have paid in your current term. Here is how to do it.

1. Log into your account at When you are logged out, there is a log-in box on the HOME page

2. Click the picture (or picture icon) in the upper right corner, and then click "Account" in the menu bar, OR click Click “Account Options” in the sidebar from any Resource Library page.

3. Click “Subscriptions.”

4. Click "Change Plan"

5. In the drop-down box that appears, choose your new plan and click "Select Plan." (The proration amount will be different depending on when you bought your membership.) The current yearly price is $299 for the Resource Library

6. Enter your payment information and click "Join". At that point, you will be taken either to PayPal or to the Credit Card screen to complete your transaction. Do not choose school invoice/PO on this step. If you want to convert your membership to a school payment, please email

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