Step 1: In the Contacts tab, select the contact you wish to edit.

Step 2: In the contact profile, select the edit icon.

Step 3: In the Edit Contact page, edit or enter any additional details, then select Done.

1. In the top section, enter the basic info such as name and job title.

2. In the second section, you can choose the contact type (individual, company, joint account, trust, or foundation.) You can also add tags and roles to the contact.

3. The next section is the contact info and address. If the contact has multiple emails, phone numbers, or addresses, click on the blue plus button to add another entry.

4. If another contact in your account is related to this contact in any way, you can document their relationship like the screenshot below. In the future, when sending the contact a smart mail, you can quickly add the associated contacts as well.

5. Last but not least, add any other additional information as needed.

6. After finish editing, scroll back to the top and click DONE.

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